monica marti cervera garden landscape design
Mónica Martí Cervera

Degree in Art History, UAB

Agricultural Engineer, UPC

Postdegree in Gardening and Landscaping, UPC

Associate Professor in the course Garden Design, Parc del Laberint d’Horta, Barcelona.

I live in the Empordà, from where I’ve projected private gardens for over 25 years. The daily contact with the agricultural and rural landscape of this beautiful area has become over time something essential to understand my work and at the same time complements my academic knowledge.

My approach to Nature began in the gardens of the School Pere Verges and meadows of Val d’Aran in the Pyrenees. I remember how I enjoyed as a little child picking flowers, making bouquets, collecting sticks… Even today I still do it: I never come back from a country walk empty-handed.

Mónica Marti picking flowers garden

Beyond the picking and collection, I’m passionate about observing and understanding any landscape. That’s why in every trip I always try to visit and get to know new gardens. Walking through them and sometimes revisiting them in different seasons gives me the opportunity to continue learning and expanding my knowledge.

Over the years, the old gardens, the classic gardens, agriculture and Nature have become my references. The accumulated experience and the fact of having my own garden, give me a wide range of technical and aesthetic possibilities that help me approach each project I get involved with.

My garden is a place where I can experiment, plant, prune, move and remove. I try and check, do and undo. This almost intimate relationship and its care often provides me with skills that I could have not learned anywhere else.

However, the garden is way more than a field laboratory – it is a place to enjoy, to share with family and guests. The satisfaction I get from my own garden is the satisfaction that I would like that my customers to achieve with their own.